Company Overview

For four generations, and over 100 years the Butterfield family has been fortunate to work with world leaders in the food industry. This supplier relationship has enabled the Company to fulfill the demands of local stores, restaurants, hospitals and hotels. Essentially, wherever food and food related products are required Butterfield & Vallis can provide customers with their needs.

Butterfield & Vallis’ sole business is food and food related product distribution in Bermuda. The Company carries in excess of 13,600 SKUs across a complete product range including dry, chill, frozen and produce. Butterfield & Vallis represents some of the world’s leading and most prestigious food companies. It is our goal to make the widest range of quality products available to the consumer at the best possible prices.

The Company owns a three-acre site in Orange Valley, Devonshire, from which it conducts its Consumer Products business, and a facility at Woodlands Road, Pembroke for its Foodservice operations. Total warehouse space at both locations is in excess of 165,000 square feet. Both facilities have been custom designed and have been expanded & upgraded regularly over the past 15 years.

The Company has a fleet of 45 trucks all fitted with GPS.

Butterfield & Vallis’ parent company, Butterfield & Co. Ltd., is well capitalized and enjoys a 5A1 credit rating with Dun and Bradstreet. All accounting and inventory management is fully computerized on an in-house on-line system.

Our suppliers continue to conduct business with Butterfield & Vallis as the Company maintains the highest standard of state-of-the-art facilities available in food distribution in Bermuda.

There is a constant demand by the local trade for the distributor to supply more goods and services such as advertising, promotions, in-store displays and service to industrial, laundry & kitchen equipment. Striving to meet customer demands, Butterfield & Vallis offers customers all of these services and more.