Butterfield & Company has been a Bermudian fixture for over 100  years. The business was started by Harry St. George Butterfield when the Company signed its first agency agreement with a biscuit manufacturer in the United Kingdom, for the promotion and sale of their products throughout Bermuda. By 1923, other agency agreements had been signed and Butterfield & Co. Ltd. was established. Thus began what has become the largest food wholesale distribution company in Bermuda.

In the early days, Butterfield & Co. Ltd. was located at 73 Front Street in a building now occupied by a retail store and other businesses. In 1952, the company moved into a small warehouse and office complex on East Broadway, strategically placed at the entrance to the city of Hamilton and close to the docks.

In 1982, a fire destroyed the main warehouse building and the sales and administrative offices. In 1984, Butterfield & Co. Ltd. relocated to a larger site in Devonshire, which allowed for further growth. The custom designed warehouse on the three-acre site has been expanded several times over the past 35 years.

In 1993, Butterfield & Co. Ltd. merged with J.S. Vallis & Co. Ltd. and began trading under the name Butterfield & Vallis. The combined operation was too large to conduct out of one facility and was then separated into two divisions: Foodservice which operates from the former J.S. Vallis property on Woodlands Road in Pembroke and Consumer Products which occupies the Orange Valley, Devonshire site..

Harry St. George Butterfield Founder of Firm 1923 President 1923-1965

Dudley Butterfield CMG Vice President 1946-1965 President 1965-1983