New – American Flatbread Pizza

November 9, 2017
New – American Flatbread Pizza

American Flatbread Frozen Pizza is now available, in Bermuda!

These delicious, thin crust, ARTISAN STYLE pizzas are hand-

made in a wood burning oven, using ALL NATURAL ingredients.

Varieties include:

Sliced Tomato & Five Cheese • Fresh Basil, Pesto, & Feta

Twisted Six Cheese • Pulled Pork & Pineapple

Uncured Pepperoni with Uncured Bacon • GLUTEN FREE Cheese Trio & Tomato Sauce

GLUTEN FREE Pesto & Cheese • VEGAN Farmer’s Tomato Pie

  • VEGAN Harvest ( made with vegan cheeses)

Sink your teeth into the nutritious, light, crisp, and flavourful pizzas from American Flatbread.

Available at select grocery stores, across the island.

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